Tuners Gullwing America decided to recall the past and created a new supercar Porsche P/904 Carrera, which is reminiscent of the legendary 904 Carrera GTS 60-mentioned period. In the exterior of the car can be traced all the same features as the original headlights, elegant mirrors, a narrow strip of the air intake and flared wheel arches. Just buy essays online and everything will be great. However, all of the same things in this car is not the case, and he clearly did not like the popular retro car. In general, the way it is, the novelty has at its disposal only the features of the exterior and interior.

Among the new things we note the 18-inch wheels, LED optics and checking out a spoiler on the trunk lid. The remaining technical stuffing moved to this modern sports car from Porsche Boxster. Porsche P/904 Carrera created on Boxster, which is located under the hood 3.4 liter engine with 310 horsepower. This engine works in conjunction with a manual transmission.

Among the options tuners Gullwing America offers a special tuned exhaust system, adjustable suspension and improved brakes. Salon decided to leave from retro-car, but added a couple of new-fangled gadgets in the form of audio, navigation and connectivity your iPod. The price of not real retromobil is 70,000 euros.

Among the many ethical requirements for the purpose of treatment, also with differences depending on the model, which elects a physician, is considered an important ability of the doctor to reassure and encourage the patient and his relatives, to mobilize them on the active assistance. In pediatrics, no matter what the circumstances, it must be clearly and explicitly tell parents about the rules of medication, procedures, mode. In considering the treatment of children (newborns) with severe birth defects, a number of representatives of bioethics based on the concept of equal rights of every human being to life, sanctity of life, and therefore recommend that, even against the will of their parents, to save the children.
Difficult in the current environment is the question of hospitalization, in particular, children. The failure rates of the parents of the child’s placement in the hospital is very high. It is known that most of the children are very poorly adapted to the hospital, separation from the mother, friends, the changing environment affects the psychological state of the child.

In these circumstances, it is important observance medical protective regime. Particular attention should be paid to the establishment of various procedures, especially painful, they can not perform, resorting to deception, violence, intimidation, not to mention the fact that they have to be specially designed for this purpose classrooms.
On the possible application of a doctor wittingly or unwittingly harm to the patient discussed since ancient times. Relation to medical mistakes historically varied from hiding to full publicity. Many eminent doctors attached great importance frank admission of their mistakes. In Russia close attention to medical errors and their public recognition and analysis related to the name NI Pirogov.
According to statistics, the pre-eminent place in the commission of medical errors belongs surgeons, obstetricians-gynecologists, dentists and beauticians.

The variety of medical errors and their causes and conditions leading to the fact that to date there is no single definition of medical errors, which naturally makes it difficult medical and legal assessment of the medical staff. This is facilitated by the fact that, in law, the term “medical error” is absent, due to which his lawyers usually do not apply. This term became popular mainly in the medical literature, although there is no on this issue a single point of view.
In our country, many of the opinion of the pathologist I.V.Davydovskogo known that the main criterion of medical errors resulting from a certain objective conditions honest mistake physician, based on the inadequacy of the current state of medical science and its methods of research on a particular course of disease in a particular patient or lack of knowledge and experience of the physician, but without the element of professional negligence and illiteracy.

There are several classifications of errors. In practice, the most useful classification N.I.Krakovskogo and Yu.Ya.Gritsmana, which allows to distinguish between medical errors in stages of the process: 1) diagnosis, 2) tactical, and 3) technical, and 4) Organizational 5) errors in record-keeping, 6 ) errors in the behavior of the medical staff (ie, deontological).
Prevention of the risk of medical errors and require compliance with several ethical rules, including:
1) The pursuit of high competence as the highest form of integrity;
2) a systematic increase their informal knowledge;
3) constant diligence in respect to professional responsibilities;
4) keep in mind the possibility of error;
5) comply with the principle of “no harm!”;
6) take the risk only in the interests of the patient;
7) Do not hesitate to seek the help of experienced colleagues and consultants;
8) to be able to be critical of their actions.
A particular problem is iatrogenic, which are now gaining in importance in the clinical activities of physicians. The classical notion of iatrogenic that emerged in the 20s, the following: deterioration of the disease or psychogenic reactions caused by the abnormal behavior of medical personnel. In practice, the doctor causes of such information or psychogenic iatrogenic be more frank conversation with the patient or with their parents in the presence of a child, especially contains a description of the possible complications of poor prognosis; inept information about the diagnosis and state of health; incorrectly Health education conversation. In addition, the cause may be iatrogenic issue at hand patients medical history and other medical documents.